Youth Heritage Adventure Training Day – Alongside & at Sea

Dates - Sunday 8th July & Saturday 15th September 2018, 10:00-18:00

About the course

This exciting venture is principally designed to give young people the opportunity of undertaking a short sea voyage on a large ocean going ship and to learn just a little bit more about the many special skills and disciplines necessary to safely operate and navigate such a vessel.

Participants will be required to be aboard the ship by 10.00 for the necessary pre-sailing safety and organisational briefs. Training will then take place aboard the Shieldhall before participants will join the afternoon cruises. Return to berth is planned for 18.00 and participants will be able to depart the ship shortly thereafter. During the cruise participants will have the opportunity to visit the bridge and the main machinery spaces which with the ship in steam will be quite an eye-opening and a very unique experience. During the day there will be instructional sessions on different aspects of seamanship about the ship and the possibility exists for the ship to drop anchor, may-be a "man o'board" exercise or even an "abandon ship" drills.

The subject matter covered by these sessions or the content thereof could possibly change dependent upon operational factors and / or availability of instructors although this is thought unlikely. The day is planned to finish at 18.00 or shortly thereafter.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard and providing a full and exciting day for your young people.

The Price

  • £20 per young participant.
  • Staff / leaders are free on a 1: 6 ratio basis, staff / leaders outside this ratio £25 per head. 
  • Discounts may be available on large group numbers please refer to our Ticket Master.
  • Parents or Friends that wish to join the training day participants on the afternoon cruise may do so at a price of £21 per head.


Please contact our Ticket Manager by emailing


We regret that we are unable to provide lunch so all participants must bring their own. A light refreshment bar will be open for the sale of hot and cold drinks, biscuits, crisps, chocolate bars, etc., and it also planned that the ship’s shop will be open.


We reasonably expect that all groups will ensure a leader to young participant ratio of 1:6 although some variation may be necessary / acceptable dependent upon the age of the group members.

What to Wear/ Bring on the day

Please be mindful that some activities will be on the open deck / on the water and that in the event of inclement weather, participants will also need to have good wet weather gear.